Gain a new perspective. Become a HIGHLANDER.

To foster a diverse community around our philosophy and in acknowledging an increased awareness of and need for physical, mental and social wellbeing, HIGHLANDER is going intercontinental!

Where more spectacularly to announce an unparalleled hiking series than at the Giza Necropolis in Cairo. Against such a backdrop on 16 December 2020, hiking enthusiasts and professionals introduced the HIGHLANDER 2021 Global Calendar as well as announced new HIGHLANDER events in Egypt, and Morocco.

In introducing the HIGHLANDER 2021 Global Calendar, the HIGHLANDER CEO, Mr. Jurica Barac, said, “We have a lot of exciting news for hikers the world over, both existing and future HIGHLANDERs. At the moment, the HIGHLANDER events span 15 countries globally, and total to over 1500 km of sensational trails through breathtaking national parks and along beautiful lakes and meandering rivers – and now even deserts! From February to November, from the Alps to the Sahara, HIGHLANDER will be producing a premium hiking experience that welcomes all nature lovers around the world. HIGHLANDER is an opportunity for self-care and connecting with nature as a simple, but effective path to human wellbeing. Try it for yourselves!”

The 2021 HIGHLANDER series will be held in Croatia, Spain, Montenegro, Austria, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Portugal, Slovenia, Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the United Arab Emirates, North Macedonia, Egypt, and Morocco.

The hosts of the HIGHLANDER 2021 Global Press Conference will kick off HIGHLANDER Qusoor AlArab in Egypt in October 2021. Experienced Egyptian agency - Maverix team will prepare two formats – HIGHLANDER55 which includes 55 km long trail for more experienced hikers and HIGHLANDEREXPERIENCE which will be 30 km long trail for our hiking newbies.

The organizers of HIGHLANDER55 Toubkal, Morocco - Dune Raider team, with over a decade of experience under their belt, explained why they joined the HIGHLANDER Adventure – „Why Morocco? Morocco is a haven for adventure travellers with breathtaking mountains, miles of coastline, unique traditions and Berber culture. For most, climbing Mount Toubkal, North Africa’s highest peak, is at the top of the list when it comes to hiking in Morocco. It boasts stunning views of the mighty High Atlas mountains and when you’re standing on the summit you can even see all the way to the Sahara Desert.“ – said the Dune Raider Director Mohamed Fadly.

The participants of HIGHLANDER Morocco will explore amazing sceneries in different period of a year. It will be held from September 17th to 19th 2021 with format HIGHLANDER55. During 3 days, starting from Imlil village, participants will reach 4,167 m high Mount Toubkal, also known as Jebel Toubkal as North Africa's highest peak.

The hosts of the HIGHLANDER 2021 Global Press Conference also underlined the importance of a healthy lifestyle and its effect on the local community. The Egyptian minister of environment launched on September 2020 ECO Egypt, a campaign aimed at promoting nature reserves and ecotourism in Egypt. The campaign targets raising public awareness about the importance of the environment, natural resources and environmental tourism.

Minister of Environment Yasmine Fouad stated that “Egypt is moving to a new stage in protecting natural resources and preserving their sustainability in conjunction with the economic and social development of the reserves, the local population and those working in the ecotourism sector to achieve sustainable development”.

It’s a three year campaign that will introduce eco-friendly destinations in Egypt for tourists to enjoy nature's creations, learn about the cultures of local communities, and have a diverse and rich experience. The first phase of ECO Egypt focuses on promoting 13 natural reserves in Egypt and to attract more investments to the environmental tourism sector.

Ecotourism is a broad concept that includes diverse activities, such as Hiking, marine and Safari trips. The concept of responsible ecotourism achieves the preservation of biological diversity and natural resources, while preserving economic and social development and providing job opportunities, reflecting Egypt's concept of sustainable development the country seeks to achieve in its 2030 Vision.

Though conjured up in Europe, the HIGHLANDER vision easily bridged the distance to the far-away sands of Egypt and Morocco. Director of HIGHLANDER Egypt, Mr. Hakam Rabie, explained: “With ample experience in the event industry, we immediately recognized the potential of this hiking movement and there was no doubt – we had to jump right on it and spread the HIGHLANDER spirit in Africa as well. Why here? We wanted to contribute to a variety of HIGHLANDER. Now, HIGHLANDERs can experience icy mountaintops in Europe, but also enjoy trekking through the desert and alongside scenic limestone rocks.”

And who better to relay the emotions and insights than HIGHLANDER Ambassadors Nil Hoppenot and Marie Couderc? Nil and Marie shared their firsthand experience and invited hikers and hiking enthusiasts to join them in the Adventure of a Lifetime. Said Marie, “Our HIGHLANDER adventures in Egypt and Morocco are already marked in our calendars; we hope yours are, too! And seeing as how we never miss a chance to hike, while here we plan to explore the HIGHLANDER trails at Qusoor AlArab, meet hikers and absorb the local culture.

As a premium hiking experience for all nature lovers around the world, HIGHLANDER is a leading hiking series of over 20 events in 15 countries worldwide. Within a format of 100/50/25-kilometer trails over 5/3/1 day(s), HIGHLANDER is on a mission to (re)connect people with the highlands sustainably and in accordance with the “Leave No Trace” ethics.