All of us are like-minded people who like to spend our free time in nature, hiking the mountains, but at the same time use social media to show the beauty and write about the adventures we have already experienced and those we have yet to experience. Today, we have seen something completely new.

Today, we saw how connected the HIGHLANDER Blidinje, Bosnia & Herzegovina community is. At the same time, new hiking trail names got released in all HIGHLANDER countries around the world. Yes, HIGHLANDER has its trails in the USA, Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia, the United Kingdom, and many other countries.

Read on because we want to be completely honest with you.
For the past two years, we have been part of the HIGHLANDER Blidinje, Bosnia & Herzegovina. We did the HIGHLANDER Orion in 2021 and HIGHLANDER Hercules in 2022.

Photo: Sonder

There is a reason that we can't wait to be a part of this story next year, and today, the promotion of the new routes highlights a significant fact of the entire project, which we are very, very happy about.

HIGHLANDER is not just a walk on the mountain, only counting the kilometers or a competition. In fact, HIGHLANDER is sunrises and sunsets on the mountain. Yes, exactly that! Once you connect with nature and the mountain while sleeping for a few days under a million-star hotel and waking up before dawn only to witness something that money can't buy, you realize that you're ahead of time.

Photo: Sonder

Not literally because you have an entire day ahead of you, but from sunrise to sunset, you will make the most of it by doing what you love most. And finally, like icing on the cake, you’ll watch the sunset again and sleep in the same ''hotel'' to welcome a new magical morning in a new place, a new wilderness, and far from urban, modern, and imposed mornings.

And that is HIGHLANDER for you guys. You’ll have the opportunity to experience something unforgettable and unique, and believe me,
unprecedented because only when you are in direct contact with nature, you can experience this.

Photo: Sonder

Next year, the organizers of HIGHLANDER made 3 different trails, so there’s something for each of you, depending on your condition and capability.

HIGHLANDER Hercules Blidinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina - a five-day-long journey
HIGHLANDER Orion Blidinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina - a weekend adventure

Trust me, you may regret it when you see our pictures from Čvrsnica and Vran. We always like to say: “Why should I watch when I can participate!?”

We apologize for the slightly longer text but we are overwhelmed with positive emotions.

Author: Sonder (Amel and Dzejlana Selimović)

Sonder (Amel and Dzejlana Selimović)

Conquerors of the useless, travelers to the forgotten regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina and throughout the entire Balkans. They bring back stories, pictures and beautiful memories from their travels, which they share with everyone on their social networks. They even try to tread the paths that are hidden from those who drew the maps because not everyone who wanders is lost. HIGHLANDER ambassadors for Bosnia and Herzegovina.