Same as last year, we will be attending HIGHLANDER Bosnia & Herzegovina this year! But this time is different because we decided to spend all five days in the wild mountains Čvrsnica and Vran.

Photo: Tomislav Može

Last year we supported HIGHLANDER and were a part of the experience during the weekend. Although we have to admit that we were afraid we wouldn't physically endure those two days with heavy loads on our backs that we had to carry to Pločno. But driven by a strong will, supernatural strength, and our goal, we succeeded!

Photo: Tomislav Može

So, why are we writing this post and looking back on HIGHLANDER from last year?

Honestly, the saddest moment for us was leaving HIGHLANDER Blidinje, packing our tent, and heading towards Blidinje on Sunday morning. It hit us while we looked back at the camp from a distance.
And that moment was when we decided to come back this year!

We could not accept returning home and not continuing the adventure with our new friends, the bravest and strongest mountaineers who decided to spend five days on Čvrsnica and Vran mountains and got to explore them. That is five sunsets, five sunrises, five campfires, the best form of socializing in the nature with other mountaineers and enjoying unforgettable views from peaks of Čvrsnica and Vran.

Photo: Tomislav Može

These mountains have and share all this beauty, yet we were returning home.

But not this year! This year we are returning!

We are looking forward to HIGHLANDER Blidinje. We are looking forward to meeting new friends, enjoying every sunrise and sunset, and having hot teas and coffees in the morning and late at night. All five times!

Photo: Tomislav Može

Nejc Zaplotnik said: Whoever seeks the goal will remain empty when he reaches it. But whoever finds the path will always carry the goal within himself. HIGHLANDER is the path and not the goal. It is the path on which you get to know yourself.

I would take this opportunity to thank the organizers of the HIGHLANDER event in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the well-chosen location, and for last year's excellent organization with the desire for many more years to come for all lovers of mountaineering.

And finally, take a look at some pictures from last year's HIGHLANDER in Bosnia and Herzegovina, from the starting point and our two-day adventure.

We hope to see you this year there too!

Džejlana and Amel Selimović (Sounder Couple)